Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Article: What's so great about ZoloWear?

This is another article I'm working on. Questions? Comments? Observations?

Why do ZoloWear slings cost more than other ring sling brands?
· Detailed design and sturdy construction.
· All ring slings have:
· Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum rings. Each ring passes an impact test and a 250 pound pull test.
· Sturdy webbing.
· Similar to seat belt material, the webbing has been tested to 2,000+ pounds.
· Two pieces are used for safety. If for any reason one piece of webbing fails, the other is there for backup.
· Our webbing will not wear out and fray like fabric, where it wraps around the rings. Fabric breaks down with use, but the webbing will not wear out.
· Using webbing means extra room in the rings for fabric, for easier adjustability.
· Ends of web are heat sealed to avoid fraying, for both safety and cosmetic reasons.
· Webbing is custom dyed to match fabric.
· Shoulder stitching 12” from rings keeps fabric spread evenly across the back. This is also a great place to store a diaper for extra shoulder padding!
· Shoulder fold is designed to cup shoulder without creating arm restriction. Multiple layers of fabric on shoulder distribute weight evenly with no bunching or pressure points on shoulder or top of arm.
· Silk Brocade Ring Slings have:
· 2 layers of silk: top quality, heavy brocade and dupioni.
· Sleek, sophisticated inset zippered pocket.
· Topstitching around zipper and body of sling creates a polished look.
· Cotton Ring Slings have:
· Edges finished with a morrow hem, similar to the tight stitching on a napkin edge. This finish is used so the fabric will have a bit of give on the backs of baby’s legs, and so the edges will slip through the rings more easily. This finish is used instead of a turned and hemmed edge, which causes red marks on baby's legs and does not look good on the back of the fabric, which shows on the tail.
· Zippered pocket has two rows of topstitching for strength and durability.
· Solarveil Ring Sling
· Aluminum rings are lightweight for a total sling weight of less than one pound. Smaller two inch rings prevent the thin fabric from slipping.
· Pocket has zippered closure.
· Adjustable pouch
· Securely stitched French seam on bottom.
· Reinforced buttonholes and button for adjustability. Simple, elegant design. Bring baby in closer or make the whole pouch a little more snug.
· D ring for keys.
· All products are manufactured in the USA. Most are manufactured in Austin, Texas.
· Quality materials
· Premium fabrics include custom dyed solids, organics, custom prints, and limited edition prints.
· Lightweight aluminum rings.
· Webbing dyed to match.
· Coordinating zippers.
· Detailed instructions. Both ring slings and pouches come with a free instructional DVD and detailed printed wearing instructions. Video and text wearing instructions are available on our website.
· Customer service
· We can be reached via toll-free phone during business hours. We are also available via e-mail, and live chat.
· Policies
· Generous return policy.
· Shipping cost is actual shipping including insurance.
· All major credit cards accepted.
· We carry a wide variety of colors and multiple sizes, all in stock and ready to ship within 24 business hours.


Anonymous Carrie said...

That's quite a list! I only have a cotton sling, but I also think that the fabric is incredibly sturdy, with just enough stretch to hug without feeling restrictive. The DVD alone is worth the extra price IMO... I've been babywearing 16 months and I learned quite a few things! Of course that doesn't help additional purchases but oh well :)

3:22 AM  
Blogger Sami said...

I just want to say that I was extremely impressed when I got my Zolo. I had tried another sling before, it was an inexpensive one ($25), and did not come with very good instructions, nothing about what NOT to do, for example.
I tried a Zolo at a NINO meeting, and I was hooked. It was just so sleek, and not at all bulky.
When I got my sling, the DVD helped so much! I had been using the first sling I had completely wrong, especially threading the sling, and spreading it out over my back.
Anyway, just had to share that. Thanks!

11:59 PM  

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