Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ben, pink, postcards

This is a photo of our UK distributor Stephanie French's son Ben in a scarlet play sling. She titled it "hands free builder at work". I love getting adorable photos from people! Especially from interesting locations.

This picture, while adorable, doesn't look like England to me. It could just as easily be here in Texas. Where are the verdant hills dotted with daisies and Teletubbies? Stephanie has been generous enough to share photos of her in the metro mocha sling by the Tower Bridge, a true British landmark. Ben appears happier with the hammer and his own sling.

We are running out of our pink fabrics. We're almost totally out of the pink stripe pouches, and we're low on the pink Hawaiian print.

Why is this a problem? Well, we have a vocal group of customers who want pink. They don't just want it, they absolutely have to have it. So we try to keep them happy.

I am debating sharing a pink paisley with a friend in the biz, vs. printing my own pink & brown floral, which isn't really in the budget right now. Printing my own means having a LOT of one print.

I'm working on some promotional postcards today. I am learning Adobe Illlustrator. It's fun to learn something new, but sometimes you just want to jump to the part where you know it already.

Still no website launch, although Joe is up late working on it almost every night. It's getting closer, but it's hard to find time to work on it when there's fathering and laundry and dishes to do. Oh, and basketball. I am ambivalent about UT not making it to the Final Four.

The desk. It improved a bit and is looking not so good again.


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