Wednesday, March 22, 2006

photo shoot, embroidery, bubbles

Yesterday we did a studio photo shoot in our office. Our inventory room is a converted 2 car garage, so it's a fairly big room, but it's full of shelves and boxes full of slings. We have a large roll of paper set up as a backdrop, and two GIANT "softboxes" - the boxes that go around the lights that create a nice even light.

Photo shoots are exhausting.
It's so hard to get:
MOM: smiling, eyes open, no hairs out of place, no clothes out of place (shirts often shift when adjusting the sling), not holding baby (people unfamiliar w/ slings ask "do you have to hold the baby?" if models have hands on babies.) It's hard not to hold babies when you're posing! They are so touchable.
BABY: smiling or at least looking at the camera or sleeping. Yesterday we had a teething baby, so lots of shots of baby gnawing on things. Smiling babies are almost too much to hope for. Cranky babies are more common, unfortunately. We usually have 2 mom/baby dyads at once, so we can give one baby a break while the other one gets photographed. Babies get burned out on modeling pretty quickly.
SLING: positioned correctly, fabric showing well, pocket showing, no lint
LIGHTING: no shadows or bright light in eyes making people squint
BACKGROUND: nothing distracting

Shooting in the studio really helps factor out the last two problems. Lighting and background are perfect every time, except that we did capture the edge of the background a few times.

We'll be editing photos and shooting more over the next several days. I'm always eager to get new pictures posted once they are "in the can".

We've been working on an embroidered sling and pouch since last fall. Supposedly the embroidery part is done and the slings are in production this week, but it's taken so long that I'm not holding my breath. I'd like to have them while it's still spring, as they are a bright, leaf green color that is perfectly springy.

We have the reprint of the bubbles fabric cut, and it's going to the local production people today.

The new solarveils should be here any day now. Yay!


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