Thursday, March 23, 2006

photo shoot

We are continuing with our photo shoot today. I'm really happy with some of the photos from Tuesday. Tiffany, at right, is SO photogenic.

We have had many requests to show more photos of dads, but a lot of dads are not into modeling. I have also wanted to find a hip-looking dad. Hip + into modeling = hard to find. I finally found one! We are photographing one of our quality control people, Nathan. He is the brother of our fabulous former employee, Heather. His 18 month old son is named Revolution. Middle name Fighter. I hope Revolution is a lover and not a fighter when it comes to modeling!

Our other quality control person, Rhia, has also modeled for us. Here she is in red dragonfly and burning love.

We pay our models in slings, which has worked really well so far.

Joe is working on a cosmetic redesign of the website. We are changing the colors to match our new logo. I really hope he can launch the new website by this weekend. I'm really happy with all the cool new stuff.

We had to buy Adobe Illustrator and a font, so that we can edit the graphic stuff. Not cheap. People think slings are just fabric and labor, but there are so many other expenses that go into making a finished product.

One of our computers is dying, and needs to be replaced...ouch. And our poor printer is on it's last legs. She's been a good girl, but she's been rode hard and put away wet. We have to do weird stuff like opening and shutting the doors and mushing on the toner to get her to print, sometimes. She demands a massage and some attention before she'll get to work.

We have been working on developing packaging for our carriers. It's SO hard. Here is what I need in packaging, in no particular order:

  • eco-friendly, either re-useable or recyclable
  • attractive - make that beautiful. show-stopping gorgeous would be nice.
  • show the product (canvas or other non-see-through bags wouldn't work)
  • explain the product (some sort of pictures/insert)
  • Inexpensive. I don't want the cost of the product to go up because of packaging. This rules out making bags out of matching fabrics, although maybe someday I can come back to that.
  • Stackable and inventory-friendly for our space and retail stores - this rules out boxes, which would smoosh and dent if they fell off the shelf. Custom-printed boxes would also be expensive.
  • Postage-friendly - also rules out boxes, as we ship in tyvek envelopes
  • High-end in appearance

At this point, I am thinking of a zippered vinyl bag with handles, that people can re-use. I have wanted to stay away from plastic, but it is the best way to protect the slings from water damage, which is a real concern. The only way I would do it is if the plastic was re-useable. I really hate the idea of creating more landfill material.


Anonymous Jenrose said...

Zippered vinyl is a good option... have you seen the kinds of bags they sometimes shipped doll clothes in? A fairly stiff but transparent vinyl with hang handles and a double layer front so you can slip in a picture. We recycle a lot of those into sling bags when we're doing slings. The zipper is closer to a ziplock but the look is very upscale.

9:21 PM  

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