Tuesday, March 28, 2006

raffle sling, Flowbee, LLL, rain, testing, green silk

This is a picture of Clark and me in the sling we're going to raffle off for TheBabyWearer.com. We have to donate a one-of-a-kind sling, and this was a sample in this fabric. I really like the fabric, but I'm not ready to order the 500 yard minimum. Unfortunately, we did not have enough fabric for a pocket.

I cut Clark's hair with a Flowbee. Seriously. Isn't it cute? I heart my Flowbee.

I have a La Leche League meeting this morning, so I won't have much time to work. Erica is late because it is POURING down rain. Just AWFUL. I don't want to get out in it, either.

Our lights just went out, but I did not go offline because of my wonderful battery back-up. I love that thing! We are in a 1937 bungalow, and the lights go out pretty much every time it rains. Sometimes the phone goes out, too. Fun.

We do in-house safety testing, but I am talking to a lab about getting some external safety testing done. It has been a long conversation, but we are finally getting ready to do it.

They want me to get the fabric tested for stuff like flammability. The slings ARE flammable, and we say so on the warning information. I wouldn't want flame retardants that close to a baby. They also want us to test for stuff like shrinkage and "colorfastness to perspiration". Why would I pay them to do something I can do with my own washing machine? I test all my fabrics for shrinkage and colorfastness. I don't need a lab to do that.

But I would like them to test the fabric and seams to the limits and let me know what those limits are. One of my friends at a big sling company had this testing done, and her rings warped at something like 250 lbs. of pressure. That's helpful information to have.

We just got our green brocade fabric back in after several months on backorder. I have it custom made in China, and it takes forever to get here by boat. We were able to make enough slings to fill our backorders for that color, then we ran out of dupioni. I thought we had plenty. Beyond frustrating. We are also out of dupioni on the black. The good news is that the dupioni is in stock and takes weeks and not months for us to get.

My new ZoloWear labels are on the way. Yay! I tried to post a picture of it, but this software only wants me to put a picture at the top of the post. Weird.


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