Friday, March 24, 2006

solarveils are here!

The solarveils arrived last night. I went out to run errands and returned to a porch teeming with boxes. We have 200 solarveils to quality check and thread through rings in a week. We have a deadline because the sewing people want to get paid right away, and we don't want to pay them for messed-up slings. This is a new sewing place, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of quality. The first one I pulled out of the box looked good, and their sample looked good, so I'm hopeful it's a nice batch.

We are going to be super busy today, because we have a lot of backorders for solarveil, including a large wholesale order from

Since I have to go to Office Depot to ship the order to Peppermint, I need to send off the burning love slings and pouches at the same time. We are shipping them off to have the appliques put on.

Getting the burning love appliques put on has been really difficult. We had a sewing contractor in California who could do it, but we have moved back to local production, and the local people don't do any of those nice extras like getting ribbon dyed for me or getting appliques put on.

So we're back to the old way, which is sending the finished sling pockets and pouches out of state to the company that makes the appliques.

The good thing about this is that the people who make the appliques do a great job of applying the appliques so they don't come off, and they do not send any messed-up ones like the California contractors did. Putting these And if we have any problems with ones they put on, they'll fix them, too.

The bad thing about sending them to a second contractor for the applique is that it adds cost and time to our production. First we have to make the slings/pouches, then we send them off to get the appliques on, which sometimes takes as long as a month, especially on a run this size (100 pieces). We also have the added shipping expense to and from the second contractor.

I am still working on packaging. I hate it. Have I mentioned that? I will be so glad when we are done.

We got the vinyl security purses yesterday. It looks nice. I have trouble imagining what it will look like with a printed insert. They are more expensive than I'd hoped, and I am not sure they are that much cuter than a less expensive bag that doesn't look as much like a purse.


Blogger Kristen said...

yeah, i originally wanted to go with a security purse, but they are so expensive. but i think they could really work for you...

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