Thursday, April 06, 2006

technical difficulties

Shelly's computer totally went out this week. It's been acting weird for a while, giving ugly blue screens increasingly often. We talked about doing something, but it died before we did anything.

On Monday, the repair folks said they could have it back to us by Tuesdsay. We got it back late Thursday, with a brand new hard drive with nothing on it. So instead of working on our website, Joe has been installing the operating system on the new hard drive tonight. Lovely. Technical difficulties are a way of life.

We've done 2 more photo shoots this week. We shot Sara, James, Thomas and Charlotte in the bubbles reprint, some of our existing prints, and play slings.

I am sharing one of the best photos of me from this shoot, with adorable James in the green silk. Don't our new labels look great? Such a flattering view of me, too. OK, never mind, the blogger software won't let me post it. Something must be wrong with my technology chi these days. I will try to post the picture tomorrow. It is funny.

We also finally shot Revolution and Nathan today. They showed up about 10 minutes before I had to leave to get Clark, so it was a very quick shoot, to say the least. I think we still got some nice shots.

The solarveils have been really popular lately.


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