Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yay! We finally got our new printed wearing instructions! These have a snazzy new layout with the new logo.

Oh. The word "style" is misspelled. On the cover. It says, "sling-stlye baby carrier". On 1,500 beautiful, printed documents.

How totally frustrating!

Other than that, and a few more minor typos that somehow we missed in all our checking, they look nice. I am always impressed by the quality of offset printing.

We are expecting our new DVD's today. I will breathe such a sigh of relief when we are well-stocked in both of these, as juggling the last of the old design ones has created a lot of stress over the past couple of months.

We got a new printer. It's super fast, but I'm not sure the printouts look as good as our old one. I think we need to tweak it. It's also BIG. Joe calls it the Death Star.

We took down our photo equipment, which is a good thing, because right now the office is full of slings. However, we already have new things to photograph. So we'll need to set up and do another photo shoot soon.

We've had a burst of production lately, and our quality control guy is out of town, and one of the moms who does it is busy doing doula work. So we have a backup mom doing it, and we really need more help. Finished but un-checked slings can't be sold, and they are stacking up in the office. If you know someone in Austin who wants a bit of part-time work and has attention to detail, let me know!


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