Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Whew! New employee, space, packaging, wearing instructions, zippers

I have hired a new employee, but she doesn't start until June 12. May was our first month with only one employee in over a year. Wouldn't you know, in May our sales almost doubled. We sold almost twice as many slings in May as the January - April average.

Sunday my sister Jennifer helped me totally re-arrange the stock room. It was an all day project. We added 30% more shelving. The slings in packaging take up more space than slings not in packaging, so we had to add more storage capacity. The new layout has better flow (more of a line dance than a square dance), but leaves less open work space. It's getting claustrophobic, but we're not ready to move out yet.

All new slings that go through quality control are going into packaging. We haven't converted the existing inventory into packaging yet, though. I was about to start that process, but we realized we were running out of wearing instructions. So we had to print more wearing instructions ASAP - without the new recolored drawings to match our new logo.

We are getting so close to completion with all the wearing instructions. We're about to send the pouch wearing instructions to the printer. It's been difficult to work in all the wearing instruction creating and editing, with everything else going on recently. The attached photo was from our wearing instruction shoot.

We're ready to make the gorgeous new brown/teal slings...but we still don't have the zippers. The zipper company (probably the same one on your jeans or jacket - they are a huge company) actually makes the zippers to order. We do finally have the turquoise zippers, so we are cranking on the turquoise solarveils now.


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