Thursday, June 22, 2006

photo shoot

We did a photo shoot today, and will soon have lots of photos to post on the site. Lots of new stuff coming! These are some unretouched photos. We actually do a lot of photo editing on most pictures that make it to our site.

Monday, June 19, 2006


This is the new print, ZoeLovesPink, that is in production right now. I love this print! It's SO cute. This one is just a sample sling for our photo shoot, but these slings are in production, so we should have them soon. It's hard to wait!

Zen Garden

Here is a preview of the Attached to Baby exclusive print, Zen Garden. We are doing a photo shoot this week, so we got this sample sling made up for our shoot. These are in production, so we should have finished slings soon.

This sateen is super soft! It's also nice that the back side of the tail is ecru. Very pretty.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! This is a photo of Joe with Zoe in June 2000, when she was about 4 months old.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two new pouch prints

Lucky Blossoms and Hawaiian Punch pouches are here. The smalls have been quality checked and posted on the site. We need to check the mediums and larges for quality, and we need to take better pictures. MUCH better pictures.

My wonderful sister Jennifer did her second workout here tonight, moving boxes of bags and pallets of boxes from the front porch to the inventory room. She straightened up a lot, so our space is in better shape now. Jennifer to the rescue! As Clark says, "Jennifer's great."

Leaf is here

I added our new Leaf embroidered sling to the website. We still need to put in all the quantities. We (Shelly and I) took a quick photo in my garden today. Will replace it with a studio shot in the next week or so.

Monday, June 12, 2006

ZoloWear is in ePregnancy!

ZoloWear is in the June issue of ePregnancy magazine.

new slings on the way

Squeezing in a photo shoot feels nearly impossible right now, but we'll have to manage somehow over the next week or so. We have a bunch of slings coming in soon, that we'll need to photograph. The above photos are my quick attempt at getting SOMETHING online to show folks. Forgive my un-Shelly-like photography.

The Isis Cosmos and Attached to Baby Pretty in Pink slings are finished and packed up, to be shipped out tomorrow. The leaf embroidered slings are here. Ooh-la-la! They are really stunning.

Our Hawaiian Punch and Lucky Blossoms adjustable pouches should be here any day now.

We are working on Isis Cosmos and Pretty in Pink pouches, in addition to the ATB Zen Garden slings, AND the Zoe Loves Pink (pink and tan floral) slings. Oh, and backfilling plain black pouches - we're out in several sizes!

The new sustainable logo tags are in, and we did a batch of large organic naturals with them, and they look fabulous. I'm totally thrilled with the way these turned out. Turns out we are low on the small organic naturals, so we'll do those next. Production is really crankin' these days!

I am still searching for the perfect shipping employee. The one who was going to start today didn't work out and we wasted another two weeks waiting for her. Shelly and I are up to our eyeballs in slings, ribbons, buttons, boxes and zippers. Searching for a new employee is time consuming and one of the most challenging aspects of my job.

Hopefully one of my lovely sisters will be able to pitch in and help straighten up the office a bit. With such a small space, we have to be hyper-organized. Sometimes organizing takes time we don't have. We just need more hands right now.

new troubleshooting photos

I updated our troubleshooting page with the new photos.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


My children attend a Montessori school that is not open during the summer. For those of us who work outside the home (or full-time inside the home, in my case), finding childcare for the summer is a challenge. These first few weeks of summer, before the new employee starts, and with 2 swimming lessons a week across town, have been busy. Friends of mine report 68 days of summer left, but who's counting?

Sometimes the smallest things hold up our production. Today it is the tiny stickers that say which size the sling is. We put these stickers on the outside of the packaging. We ordered more before we ran out, but there was an error with the company we bought them from, and the stickers did not get here. So I had to run to Office Depot this evening to find little round stickers. Then I had to figure out how to get the printer to print on the 4x6" label paper. After about 30 minutes of effort, I enlisted Joe's help. How do people without a computer genius in the house figure these things out? These were not the things I imagined doing when I started this business!

The good news is that I was able to add a little more detail, like height and weight parameters, to the stickers. So ultimately there is some value added.

Other things I've been working on - pouch wearing instructions, postcards for press, and just plain ol' production management. That takes a lot of time these days. Keeping track of and ordering the ribbons, zippers, D rings, labels, care labels, etc. IS what I thought I'd be doing, and it's the fun stuff, for the most part.

We finally got the brown zippers for the brown silks, and I realized I'd like to do a different color ribbon, so just a few more days before we really get started on those. Thankfully the right ribbon was in stock!

The Isis slings are already finished and ready to ship as soon as we put them in packaging - which is why those labels were so critical tonight. These slings look fantastic.

I was excited to get the new Zoe Loves Pink floral, also. This is the pink and tan daisy print. I can't wait to see those finished slings!

Last night I cleaned out part of the office and listed several slings on clearance. I also listed several sample slings on TheBabyWearer. I'm ready to clear them out!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

new do's and don'ts photos

we shot new photos for our troubleshooting directions yesterday.

Some people think our shoulder design is narrow. This is usually because they are not pulling out the shoulder folds, and they are wearing it against the neck.

The shoulder folds should be pulled out, and the sling should cup the shoulder, like this:

This is a picture of the "don't" - the shoulder folds are not pulled out, and the sling is against the neck.

This is a shot of the back, where the fabric is spread wide and the shoulder is wide.