Thursday, June 08, 2006


My children attend a Montessori school that is not open during the summer. For those of us who work outside the home (or full-time inside the home, in my case), finding childcare for the summer is a challenge. These first few weeks of summer, before the new employee starts, and with 2 swimming lessons a week across town, have been busy. Friends of mine report 68 days of summer left, but who's counting?

Sometimes the smallest things hold up our production. Today it is the tiny stickers that say which size the sling is. We put these stickers on the outside of the packaging. We ordered more before we ran out, but there was an error with the company we bought them from, and the stickers did not get here. So I had to run to Office Depot this evening to find little round stickers. Then I had to figure out how to get the printer to print on the 4x6" label paper. After about 30 minutes of effort, I enlisted Joe's help. How do people without a computer genius in the house figure these things out? These were not the things I imagined doing when I started this business!

The good news is that I was able to add a little more detail, like height and weight parameters, to the stickers. So ultimately there is some value added.

Other things I've been working on - pouch wearing instructions, postcards for press, and just plain ol' production management. That takes a lot of time these days. Keeping track of and ordering the ribbons, zippers, D rings, labels, care labels, etc. IS what I thought I'd be doing, and it's the fun stuff, for the most part.

We finally got the brown zippers for the brown silks, and I realized I'd like to do a different color ribbon, so just a few more days before we really get started on those. Thankfully the right ribbon was in stock!

The Isis slings are already finished and ready to ship as soon as we put them in packaging - which is why those labels were so critical tonight. These slings look fantastic.

I was excited to get the new Zoe Loves Pink floral, also. This is the pink and tan daisy print. I can't wait to see those finished slings!

Last night I cleaned out part of the office and listed several slings on clearance. I also listed several sample slings on TheBabyWearer. I'm ready to clear them out!


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