Monday, July 24, 2006

KEYE 42 news interview!

KEYE 42 news interviewed me today! They have a running segment about moms, and heard about me, so they came out to find out all about ZoloWear.

Thankfully we had the weekend to straighten up the office! It's usually fairly organized, but it was REALLY slick today.

They were over an hour late (and kept calling and apologizing about it - they were extremely nice). This gave me time to get really nervous. At the beginning of the interview, I was stumbling over my words. Later in the interview, I think I did better. It is hard to be calm and act natural with a giant camera right in your face. Making my babywearing video was easier, because when I stumbled over my words, we would just do it over. There are some very funny outtakes there, I'm sure.

They were here for almost an hour. They took a LOT of footage, yet I’m sure the clip will be really short. It will be on the KEYE website, she said, “forever”. Elizabeth Dannheim was as nice as she is pretty (very). She did a good job putting me at ease.

They photographed me putting Clark in the sling, and he was a wonderfully willing model. They got some great shots of him going into the sling and me walking around showing different slings with him in the sling. I also showed Liz how to put the sling on, while wearing Clark. It was only when he started chanting “nay nay” (that is what he calls nursing) that I tried to take him upstairs to the sitter, and that was a no go. He was content to work on a puzzle in the office, though. They took a shot of him working. They took lots of shots of stuff around the office, including slings. Elizabeth was really jazzed about the solarveil.

They wanted a shot of Zoe, since it all started because of her. She said she was fine with it, and nodded sweetly. Then they turned the camera on her, and she started screaming with her mouth closed, stiffening her body, and making animal noises. Turn camera away, she acts normal, put camera on her, she freaks out. So they took a picture of some pictures of her instead! Other than being embarrassed by her, which I was pretty much expecting, it went just fine.

They also went to Terra Toys, a retail store that carries our slings.

Elizabeth said it should be on this Wednesday at 5, and she’ll let me know if that changes. Very exciting stuff!


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