Friday, July 14, 2006

vacation all i ever wanted

I went out of town last weekend, which required lots of work before, during and after. Also, both of my children have been sick in the past few weeks, and my husband has been very sick with unexplained fever. So I've had less time for work than I usually do. Now that I'm back from vacation, I need a vacation.

The vacation was a trip to Boulder, Colorado, for a dear friend's wedding. Naturally, I had to wear the new Java silk sling with my Ruby Pearl dress. Clark is 2 years 4 months, and he was grouchy and fussy, still getting over his illness, as the wedding began. In the sling, he fell asleep quickly, and stayed asleep through the entire wedding, about an hour and a half. He had been saying, "I HATE weddings" repeatedly earlier in the day, and thankfully he did not shout that during the wedding as I feared.

I own at least 30 baby carriers in brands other than my own, and have tried on and played with many more than that. There are a few other carriers that are very different from ring slings and pouches that I have really enjoyed using extensively - a stretchy wrap and a structured soft back carrier in particular. But I always come back to ring slings and pouches. They're fast, easy, comfortable and pretty.

This year, I've flown to Orlando, San Francisco, and Boulder, and we're going to Portland, Oregon next month. Ring slings are my favorite carrier for getting through the airport. I've tried back carriers, both mei tais and structured soft carriers, and while they get the baby out of the way for easier luggage toting, they take longer to put on and take off than a ring sling. The baby carrier has to be completely removed to go through airport security. And I find the ring sling a bit handier than a pouch because my ID and ticket can go in the pocket for easy access.

Although Clark is certainly old enough to walk, and we don't use the sling much around the house, I'm still so thankful for the sling when we travel. In the airport, I know exactly where he is in the sling. A toddler could get lost so quickly in those crowds! It's scary. And at the wedding, not only was he able to sleep during the wedding, but he was able to stay close when he woke up and was feeling groggy and unsociable and, well, clingy. Slings are perfect for those days with sick toddlers who don't want to be put down.

Many new parents are looking for the one perfect baby carrier that will take them through all their months (they can't imagine years yet) of babywearing. Yet even with a 2 year old, I pack three carriers when packing as light as possible - a soft structured back carrier, a cotton ring sling, and a silk ring sling. I could skip the silk if I wasn't going to a wedding, but then I'd probably want a solarveil for anywhere with swimming. On car trips, I often use my long woven wrap to cover and carry several bed pillows, and then I have another carrier handy if I need it.

Carriers are just accessories, like jackets or purses or shoes. They come in formal and informal varieties, summer and winter, sporty and spicy. I can't imagine wearing the same pair of shoes every day for three years, so why would I try to make one baby carrier fit every season and occasion?


Blogger Karen said...

Say what? You were in Boulder and you didn't even arrange for a visit with me?!? Tsk, tsk!

I'm still loving my 3 yr old rose stripe Zolowear sling AND I can finally wear my blue dragon silk brocade sling outside nearly year-round in cool Colorado. :-)

Hugs and kisses,
Karen Wilson

11:00 PM  

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