Monday, September 04, 2006

fabric, travel, office

Work on the hemp slings and pouches is ongoing. We expect them in a few days. The Jetson fabric is back in stock, but this time in a luscious cotton sateen. The sage and cornflower are also now going to be in this lovely sateen.

We're going to New York at the end of the month, for a fabric show. I LOVE New York. The fabric shows are fun, too. Exhausting but fun.

We're also going to Philadelphia to see my SIL and her children.

I'm looking for office space. It's challenging, to put it nicely.

We moved into this house two years ago to make room for the business. It's been so nice to work from home with small children, especially when Clark was a baby. But we've outgrown the space, and having the business in the home gets old.

Work on print publications is ongoing. Still refining wearing instructions, also working on trifold.


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