Monday, January 29, 2007


I lost my 16 year old Kitty last week. She was an indoor cat, and she got out and was hit by a car. I am very sad about the way that she died. I have had her since she was a tiny kitten.

Here are few photos of her, including one of a twin carry with Zoe. When I sewed the slings myself, Kit always tested them for me, because I sewed when Zoe was asleep.
She is missed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ice! + Zoe Loves Pink and Bliss Ring Slings

New items have been added to the factory outlet.

Our offices were closed most of the week because Austin was frozen in an ice storm all week. It snowed on Tuesday, which is rare. The rest of the week we got freezing rain and sleet. We finally started to thaw on Thursday, 1/18/07.
ZoloWear's brave employees went into the office several times to be sure packages went out. The post offices were closed for three days, due to MLK day and then the ice storm. The photo at left was not taken in Austin, but it looked like that here this week, minus the sun!

We have new Zoe Loves Pink and Bliss Blue Paisley fabric for ring slings. The new fabric is super soft sateen, as sumptuous as the highest thread count sheets, with 3% stretch. The Zolo logo butterfly has also been added to the prints. We are just now getting the first batches of these in, and will add them to the site soon, after they go through quality control.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mothering, sling vs. pouch, solstice

Edited this post because the first paragraph ended up at the bottom for some reason. Oops!

The difference between a ring sling and a pouch is our most common question. I wrote an article about it on our site here. It is also on with some different photos here.

We recently took a new picture of models wearing the robin's egg sling and a pouch, but the pouch details are not visible, and the tail on the ring sling is longer than I prefer. Both of our models are very petite.

I am very excited that we have the solstice fabric again. This time we have worked a little Zolo butterfly into the print. We are working on slings right now, so we should have them in a few weeks.

Here is a photo of the old solstice. Awww...Clark was so little then. He will be 3 next month.

Joe has uploaded a new version of the website that features photos on the shop pages. Hopefully this will make navigating the site a little easier. We would love feedback on this!

ZoloWear is featured in this month's Mothering magazine, which focuses on babywearing. (The current issue is not shown on their website yet.) Our Do's and Don'ts page is a full page in the magazine.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Twin Carries

We've all seen the news reports that twin births are on the rise. Moms of multiples have to get around, too, and slings can be a great way to get both babies from point A to point B without a lot of bulky gear. There are also fussy times when only mom will do - for both babies - and twin sling carries can be a lifesaver.

We get a lot of requests for twin photos, but it's not often that a twin mom can get out of the house with wee ones, especially for something as non-essential as a photo shoot. We were very lucky to get some great shots of Ayleen and her beauties. We are so thankful for her time.

Ayleen's boy/girl twins were about one month old during the photo shoot.

The boy was fussy at first, so we put him in a hemp/organic cotton/lycra pouch. He calmed down once he was breastfeeding in a reverse cradle hold (feet under the button). Then we put a hemp/organic cotton/lycra ring sling on the other shoulder, "gunslinger" style, and put the girl in tummy to tummy with her feet in.

Here is a view of the back as well.

Ayleen felt more comfortable with ring slings than pouches, so we then tried a Solarveil as the bottom sling. This was a great discovery. Solarveil worked well for a twin carry for several reasons:
1) The small rings are less bulky
2) The thin fabric is less bulky
3) Many twins are preemies, and solarveil is very breathable
4) The added sun protection is always a bonus
Bonus: the turquoise matches her shirt really nicely. :)

Both babies are in upright tummy to tummy hold with feet in in the photo.

What an amazing mama!!!