Monday, January 01, 2007

Twin Carries

We've all seen the news reports that twin births are on the rise. Moms of multiples have to get around, too, and slings can be a great way to get both babies from point A to point B without a lot of bulky gear. There are also fussy times when only mom will do - for both babies - and twin sling carries can be a lifesaver.

We get a lot of requests for twin photos, but it's not often that a twin mom can get out of the house with wee ones, especially for something as non-essential as a photo shoot. We were very lucky to get some great shots of Ayleen and her beauties. We are so thankful for her time.

Ayleen's boy/girl twins were about one month old during the photo shoot.

The boy was fussy at first, so we put him in a hemp/organic cotton/lycra pouch. He calmed down once he was breastfeeding in a reverse cradle hold (feet under the button). Then we put a hemp/organic cotton/lycra ring sling on the other shoulder, "gunslinger" style, and put the girl in tummy to tummy with her feet in.

Here is a view of the back as well.

Ayleen felt more comfortable with ring slings than pouches, so we then tried a Solarveil as the bottom sling. This was a great discovery. Solarveil worked well for a twin carry for several reasons:
1) The small rings are less bulky
2) The thin fabric is less bulky
3) Many twins are preemies, and solarveil is very breathable
4) The added sun protection is always a bonus
Bonus: the turquoise matches her shirt really nicely. :)

Both babies are in upright tummy to tummy hold with feet in in the photo.

What an amazing mama!!!



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