Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13!

A beautiful sling makes a perfect Mother's Day gift. If you are thinking about giving (or receiving!) a ZoloWear sling for Mother's Day, now is the time to order. We only have 10 business days left until Mother's Day.


Friday, April 27, 2007


Here is a photo of our booth at JPMA. That is not a real baby by the podium! :) That is our demo baby. She is so realistic that it can be kind of freaky when we see her on a shelf.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


On Thursday, I am headed home from the JPMA show in Orlando. The show was my first trade show, and a real learning experience. My brain is still on overdrive from all the new information. I am really tired and ready to see my family. I will post photos of my booth when I get home.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ironing a silk

I'm getting ready to iron my silk/brocade Zolo, and wanted to make sure I've got my iron on the right setting. I've read all of the information about making sure it's a bit damp and to stretch as I iron to get the brocade back to normal, but am wondering how hot I should set the iron (the silk setting didn't seem to do too much, but wanted to make sure before turning up the heat!).

I have found that the best way to iron silk brocade is with a fairly hot iron (closer to the cotton setting than the silk setting), moving quickly to avoid burning, and pulling the fabric as I go. The movement is similar to polishing, and if done correctly, it will restore much of the shine lost from washing. Using a spray bottle and/or ironing while the sling is damp from the wash is helpful as well.

Ironing a silk is a hassle, but it's worth it. A washed, ironed silk is absolutely stunningly soft and yummy.

And thankfully you won't need to wash and iron it often. Minor spills like spit-up wipe off. Unless you spill something big on it, expect to wash it about as often as you would clean a winter coat.

Pouch questions

Are your adjustable pouches double layered and are they supportive enough for a toddler?

Our pouches are made with a single layer of stretch cotton. We like single layer pouches because they are cooler in the Texas heat. They are also very compact to stash in the car or diaper bag.

ZoloWear pouches have been strength tested to 150 lbs. I have carried my toddler in a ZoloWear pouch many times. I like ring slings and pouches for toddlers, because they are quick to get the toddler in and out during all those "pick me up/put me down/pick me up" days. However, if I was planning to wear a toddler on a very long hike, I would choose a two-shoulder back carrier over a ring sling or pouch.


I know you have a size chart, but just to make sure before I order.....I am 5' 4" and typically about 120-125 lbs. Should i go w/ x-small or small?

We receive more questions about sizing than anything else. According to the sizing chart, the woman with this question should wear an extra small according to our size chart.

In a pouch, I would err on the smaller side, because a too-big pouch can be really uncomfortable and pull on your lower back.

Ring slings are more forgiving, but I err on the bigger side with a ring sling. You can tighten a ring sling as much as you need to, and the extra tail can be useful.

That said, my preference for tail length is for the tail to hit right at the top of the leg. Why? Because the pocket is in just the right spot when the tail is that long. If the tail is shorter, the pocket can get caught in the rings. If the tail is much longer, once I load the pocket up with my keys, wallet, sunglasses and cell phone, it swings like a big pendulum and knocks into my leg when I walk.

The woman above could probably get away with a small ring sling, because she's close to the dividing line between sizes. However, sizing also depends on anatomy. The size chart is for people with average proportions. If the wearer has very large breasts, which many postpartum moms do, then she would err on the larger side when choosing a sling. If the person is more pear-shaped, a smaller sling might fit better.

This is why measuring is really ideal for the perfect fit. We have a video on our website for how to measure for the sling. This is the most accurate way to get the best fit.
Finally, the ZoloWear staff is always happy to help when customers are unsure which size to select. We get this question all the time! If you're still not sure which size to get, just contact us.


Question: When will you get more solarveil slings in? Specifically the peacock?

Answer: They are here now!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Store display

Here is what ZoloWear baby carriers look like on a store display rack: