Friday, April 13, 2007

Ironing a silk

I'm getting ready to iron my silk/brocade Zolo, and wanted to make sure I've got my iron on the right setting. I've read all of the information about making sure it's a bit damp and to stretch as I iron to get the brocade back to normal, but am wondering how hot I should set the iron (the silk setting didn't seem to do too much, but wanted to make sure before turning up the heat!).

I have found that the best way to iron silk brocade is with a fairly hot iron (closer to the cotton setting than the silk setting), moving quickly to avoid burning, and pulling the fabric as I go. The movement is similar to polishing, and if done correctly, it will restore much of the shine lost from washing. Using a spray bottle and/or ironing while the sling is damp from the wash is helpful as well.

Ironing a silk is a hassle, but it's worth it. A washed, ironed silk is absolutely stunningly soft and yummy.

And thankfully you won't need to wash and iron it often. Minor spills like spit-up wipe off. Unless you spill something big on it, expect to wash it about as often as you would clean a winter coat.


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