Friday, April 13, 2007

Pouch questions

Are your adjustable pouches double layered and are they supportive enough for a toddler?

Our pouches are made with a single layer of stretch cotton. We like single layer pouches because they are cooler in the Texas heat. They are also very compact to stash in the car or diaper bag.

ZoloWear pouches have been strength tested to 150 lbs. I have carried my toddler in a ZoloWear pouch many times. I like ring slings and pouches for toddlers, because they are quick to get the toddler in and out during all those "pick me up/put me down/pick me up" days. However, if I was planning to wear a toddler on a very long hike, I would choose a two-shoulder back carrier over a ring sling or pouch.


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