Friday, April 13, 2007


I know you have a size chart, but just to make sure before I order.....I am 5' 4" and typically about 120-125 lbs. Should i go w/ x-small or small?

We receive more questions about sizing than anything else. According to the sizing chart, the woman with this question should wear an extra small according to our size chart.

In a pouch, I would err on the smaller side, because a too-big pouch can be really uncomfortable and pull on your lower back.

Ring slings are more forgiving, but I err on the bigger side with a ring sling. You can tighten a ring sling as much as you need to, and the extra tail can be useful.

That said, my preference for tail length is for the tail to hit right at the top of the leg. Why? Because the pocket is in just the right spot when the tail is that long. If the tail is shorter, the pocket can get caught in the rings. If the tail is much longer, once I load the pocket up with my keys, wallet, sunglasses and cell phone, it swings like a big pendulum and knocks into my leg when I walk.

The woman above could probably get away with a small ring sling, because she's close to the dividing line between sizes. However, sizing also depends on anatomy. The size chart is for people with average proportions. If the wearer has very large breasts, which many postpartum moms do, then she would err on the larger side when choosing a sling. If the person is more pear-shaped, a smaller sling might fit better.

This is why measuring is really ideal for the perfect fit. We have a video on our website for how to measure for the sling. This is the most accurate way to get the best fit.
Finally, the ZoloWear staff is always happy to help when customers are unsure which size to select. We get this question all the time! If you're still not sure which size to get, just contact us.


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