Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tyvek Recycling

Tyvek is one of the super-space-age-products that we love. Lightweight, water-resistant, puncture and rip resistant, it's perfect for shipping slings. Many Tyvek envelopes pass through the ZoloWear offices.

What to do with the ones we can't re-use? Recycle! Here is information on recycling Tyvek.

Photo: Shelly, in a cute ZoloWear t-shirt, with our 4 lb. "Tyvek baby".

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ZoloWear logo products, including adult and infant apparel, are available on CafePress, here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

About us: Cathy

Our newest employee, Cathy, is now on our About Us page. Cathy is doing such a great job, we wonder how we managed without her!


Our ratings system is up and running. Now all we need is your feedback!

Please take a moment to rate your sling(s). How to do this? Click on your sling's page and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There's a rating form that takes just a few seconds to fill out.

You might mention pros and cons like "Goes with everything" but "not for hot weather". Help another shopper by passing along your comments!

Don't have a comment but want to share your favorite with a friend? You can e-mail a page to a friend by filling out the short form at the very bottom of the page.
Photo: five-star rated solstice ring sling.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Woman's Work Sling Workshop

This weekend I went to Houston to teach three sling workshops at A Woman's Work. It was great fun to help all the new parents get comfy in their slings. A Woman's Work is a lovely store in one of my favorite childhood spots, Rice Village. They carry a full inventory of ZoloWear slings, and they have pre-shrunk sample slings for trying on. All of the staff is friendly and highly educated about how to wear a sling.
Photo: A mom tries on a khaki solarveil sling in front of the mirror at A Woman's Work. Solarveil is perfect for Houston's semi-tropical climate.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Contest - May - Israel

i purchased your solar veil sling to use on our trip to israel. my daughter was 5.5 months old and our pediatrician advised us to be particularly diligent about keeping her out of direct sunlight at such an early age. also, both my husband and i spend a lot of time out doors during the summer and we wanted to have something that would keep her cool and protected from the sun.

while we were in israel, the sling was a hit. for a place that has sun all year round, they don't have carriers that provide protection from the sun like the solarveils do. everyone thought it was beautiful and loved that it was so functional. we gave everyone your website and even some of the wonderful baby boutiques that we love shopping at asked for it! (we hope you don't mind, but we gave them the website too!)

thank you for making such a great product, and most importantly, thank you for providing an instructional dvd along with it. it's so much easier to learn how to use it properly when you watch a visual demonstration rather that relying solely on an instruction pamphlet.

the photo attached is taken at the ramon crater in israel with my daughter, my husband and his sister. enjoy!


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Photo Contest - April - Clark family, Tacoma, WA

This family is so darn cute, and their pictures are so lovely, I had to share all four photos. Plus, I like their name. :) (It's my son's name.) I always love seeing Daddies wearing their babies.

The one of my husband was taken at our house in Tacoma, WA. The ones of myself were taken at the Port of Olympia, WA.
~Linda, Tacoma, WA

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Photo Contest - March - Hike

There were two great photos from March, so I am including both. I just love this one of a baby snuggling with Daddy on a hike in bliss blue paisley.

I thought you might like this pic of my husband, Nick, and daughter, Ellen. We were out on a short drizzly hike with Ellen snug in our RS.

We couldn't live without our sling and have our good friend, Kathie Sever (note from Darien - that's Kathie the Ramonsterwear goddess), to thank for telling us about you. I've already fielded lots of questions and comments in 3 months about where we got our sling and I always show them your webaddress on the tag, so conventient. Thanks for making such a great product!


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Photo Contest - March - Giraffes

We get a surprisingly high number of photos in front of Zoo animals, giraffes in particular. Something about giraffes makes people want to pull the cameras out, and our slings log a lot of zoo miles, so they're bound to end up together sometimes.

We really enjoyed the feedback about the java silk sling, below.

Here are some pictures of Evan (4 months) in his new sling during his first outing at the zoo. As you can see from the second picture, he's quite comfortable in the sling (and not so inspired by the animals). Mom's comfortable too. I usually walk a few miles each day with our dog. This is the third baby carrier I've tried, and I finally found one that works. Evan doesn't scream and my shoulders and back don't ache, even after a few hours. And, it's beautiful. Good work!
~Angela, Sacramento

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Photo Contest - February - Bavarian Alps, Germany

Annabella James, age 2 sleeping in her Zolowear Pouch. We're in the Bavarian Alps at the highest point in Germany.

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Photo Contest - January - nursing in Chinatown, NYC

This was taken while I was nursing my 14 month old in Chinatown.

The pouch was a great help. I am so glad I had it. Just wish I would have bought two! My husband would have worn it if it would have fit him. I will be sure to get him one soon. Thanks.

~Jessica, Austin, Texas

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Photo Contest

Since we are not currently doing the giant newsletters, I am going to use my blog to share the wonderful photos and comments we receive every month.


MySpace and YouTube

ZoloWear has a MySpace page at http://myspace.com/zolowear. If you have a MySpace page, let's be friends!

We also have our videos on YouTube, at http://youtube.com/zolowear. If you have videos of yourself in your ZoloWear sling, please send them to us if you would allow us to post them on our YouTube page. We love helping people get more comfy in their slings!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mention on TreeHugger.com

I'm so excited that ZoloWear was mentioned in this article about How to Green Your Baby on Treehugger.com. I hugg Treehugger!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seeking Sales Reps

Edited to add: we are also seeking a sales rep in northern California.

We are seeking sales representatives for ZoloWear Baby Carriers in the following regions:

North and South Carolina
Dallas/Fort Worth
North and South Carolina

Sales representatives set up new wholesale accounts, selling in bulk to stores. Reps do not sell to individuals.

Payment is commission plus bonuses. Travel is not necessary, but local travel is encouraged, and cold calls are a must. Must be internet savvy with high-speed internet and fax.

If you would like a legitimate work from home opportunity, helping help bring moms and babies together, beautifully, please contact us at wholesale@zolowear.com for more information. Please tell us about any sales experience and any baby carrier experience.

For more information, see our website: http://zolowear.com/ We are attending two trade shows in the Southwest this fall - ABC Kids in Las Vegas and Mom2B in LA. See our events page for more info: http://zolowear.com/ShopEvents.aspx


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Monday, May 07, 2007

What's so great about ZoloWear?

I originally posted this in March 2006. Here it is again, with a few minor changes:

Why do ZoloWear slings cost more than some other baby carriers?

Since 2001, ZoloWear has crafted the finest baby carriers available. Our goal is not to be the cheapest, but the best. Our baby carriers have a detailed design, sturdy construction, and are made in the USA.

All ring slings have:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum rings. Each ring passes an impact test and a 250 pound pull test.

All silk and cotton ring slings have sturdy safety webbing.

  • Webbing holds the rings securely, so ZoloWear slings do not slip, even with a heavy toddler.
  • Similar to seat belt material, the webbing has been tested to 2,000+ pounds.
  • Two pieces are used for safety. If for any reason one piece of webbing fails, the other is there for backup.
  • Our webbing will not wear out and fray, where it wraps around the rings.
  • Using webbing means extra room in the rings for fabric, for easier adjustability.
  • Ends of web are heat sealed to avoid fraying, for both safety and cosmetic reasons.
  • Webbing is custom dyed to match fabric.


  • Shoulder fold is designed to cup shoulder and spread across back without creating arm restriction.
  • Can be worn on either shoulder with no re-threading.
  • Multiple layers of fabric on shoulder distribute weight evenly with no bunching or pressure points on shoulder or top of arm.

Silk Brocade Ring Slings:

  • Top quality, heavy brocade.
  • Machine washable.
  • Sleek, sophisticated inset zippered pocket.
  • Topstitching around zipper and body of sling creates a polished look.

Cotton Ring Slings:

  • Edges finished with a morrow hem, similar to the tight stitching on a napkin edge. This finish is used so the fabric will have a bit of give on the backs of baby’s legs, and so the edges will slip through the rings more easily. This finish is used instead of a turned and hemmed edge, which causes red marks on baby's legs and does not look good on the back of the fabric, which shows on the tail.
  • Custom prints and custom-dyed solids in highest-quality, easy-to-adjust stretch cotton sateen.
  • Zippered pocket with strong, durable zipper.
  • Easy wash and wear.

Solarveil Ring Sling:

  • Solarveil is a lightweight, breathable sun protective fabric.
  • Aluminum rings are lightweight for a total sling weight of less than one pound.
  • Smaller two inch rings prevent the thin fabric from slipping.
  • Pocket has strong, durable zippered closure.

Adjustable pouch

  • Same great high-quality fabric, including fashion-forward options like the burning love with Swarovski crystals, or the embroidered leaf.
  • Can be worn on either shoulder.
  • Securely stitched French seam on bottom - safety tested to 150 lbs..
  • Reinforced buttonholes and button for adjustability. Button safety tested to 60 lbs.
  • Simple, elegant design. Bring baby in closer or make the whole pouch a little more snug.
  • Key loop.


  • All products are manufactured in Texas, most in Austin, Texas.
  • All of our materials are the highest quality available - from our thread to our zippers to our fabric.
  • Premium fabrics include custom dyed solids, organics, custom prints, and limited edition prints.
  • Lightweight aluminum rings.
  • Webbing dyed to match.
  • Coordinating, sturdy, safety-tested zippers.


  • Our slings have been independently safety tested by a testing lab.
  • Parents everywhere learn to babywear with ZoloWear. We provide detailed instructions with every purchase.
  • Both ring slings and pouches come with a free instructional DVD and detailed printed wearing instructions.
  • Video and text wearing instructions are available on our website.

Customer service

  • We strive to offer the finest customer service. We can be reached via toll-free phone during business hours.
  • We are also available via e-mail.
  • In Austin, we offer in-person help at monthly babywearing meetings.
  • Still have a question? Ask Darien or read our Ask Darien blog.


  • Generous return policy.
  • Shipping cost is actual shipping including insurance.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • We carry a wide variety of colors and multiple sizes, all in stock and ready to ship within 24 business hours.

What is your favorite thing about ZoloWear?


recycling with Furniture Partner

At ZoloWear, we do our best to look out for the planet. We print on recycled paper, and we're always looking for ways to reduce paper around the office. We recycle most of the trash in our office, even though our building doesn't have recycling pick-up. Sometimes doing the right thing takes a bit more effort, but it's well worth it.

Another way we recycle is by buying secondhand items whenever we can. Our friends at Austin's Furniture Partner make it easy to get great secondhand office furniture with plenty of life left in it. Tommy Branch, the warehouse manager, is always helpful and willing to go way out of his way to find the perfect metro shelving for us.

Last week we got two awesome metal mail carts that made Cathy and Dana do a little happy dance. (This involved Dana taking a ride in the cart.)

Happy planet, happy employees. It's all good.

If you have suggestions for ways we can be more earth-friendly, please drop me a line.

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