Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Contest - March - Giraffes

We get a surprisingly high number of photos in front of Zoo animals, giraffes in particular. Something about giraffes makes people want to pull the cameras out, and our slings log a lot of zoo miles, so they're bound to end up together sometimes.

We really enjoyed the feedback about the java silk sling, below.

Here are some pictures of Evan (4 months) in his new sling during his first outing at the zoo. As you can see from the second picture, he's quite comfortable in the sling (and not so inspired by the animals). Mom's comfortable too. I usually walk a few miles each day with our dog. This is the third baby carrier I've tried, and I finally found one that works. Evan doesn't scream and my shoulders and back don't ache, even after a few hours. And, it's beautiful. Good work!
~Angela, Sacramento

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