Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Contest - May - Israel

i purchased your solar veil sling to use on our trip to israel. my daughter was 5.5 months old and our pediatrician advised us to be particularly diligent about keeping her out of direct sunlight at such an early age. also, both my husband and i spend a lot of time out doors during the summer and we wanted to have something that would keep her cool and protected from the sun.

while we were in israel, the sling was a hit. for a place that has sun all year round, they don't have carriers that provide protection from the sun like the solarveils do. everyone thought it was beautiful and loved that it was so functional. we gave everyone your website and even some of the wonderful baby boutiques that we love shopping at asked for it! (we hope you don't mind, but we gave them the website too!)

thank you for making such a great product, and most importantly, thank you for providing an instructional dvd along with it. it's so much easier to learn how to use it properly when you watch a visual demonstration rather that relying solely on an instruction pamphlet.

the photo attached is taken at the ramon crater in israel with my daughter, my husband and his sister. enjoy!


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