Thursday, September 27, 2007

Review on Yelp

Here is a review of our slings that was posted on Yelp!

When I became with-child I did a lot of research about . . .well, EVERYTHING. I was reading up on the best way to breastfeed, the best way to teach my child, the best school etc. One of the things I spent countless hours researching was a good carrier for my little one. Everyone gets a bjorn and I was ready to get that. . .until I read a couple of reviews talking about how the bjorn is great in the beginning when the baby weighs 10lbs and under, but after that it causes a lot of back pain.

So I started looking into slings. Man, seriously I was obsessed with finding the perfect one. Finally I went for the slings from Zolowear.

In the beginning it was tough to use. My little one liked to move a lot and didn't really like to be covered. So I rarely used it, causing a couple arguments with the husband because "why had you spent so much money on something you're never gonna use?"

But when she was at that age when I could start putting her on my hip, thats when the magic started.I always had trouble putting her to sleep as well as getting work around the house since she wanted to be carried all the time.

I put her on my hip and started some light dusting . . .10 minutes later she was sound asleep.

After that I use the sling all the time. She is now 25lbs and 14 months old and I use it to put her to sleep when shes teething and having a hard time putting herself to sleep. I use it when we go out and doesnt want to be in the stroller, which is almost always. The sling doesnt get in the way the way the stroller does. Its comfy and I can use it for awhile before I start getting tired.

Ive said "What would I do without the sling" countless amounts of time.

My husband now admits I made a smart decision in purchasing the sling. It's always a nice thing when your husband admits he was wrong and you were right : )

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