Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ZoloWear's Green Choice

I am very excited that ZoloWear has finally been able to switch to Green Choice energy. Now the energy for our office is clean and renewable. We're lucky to be in Austin and have this choice. When we sign up, it is more expensive, but the price is fixed until 2022. So after a few years, the regular customers' prices go up, but Green Choice customers prices stay the same. I have had Green Choice for years at my home, and my per kWh rate is lower than regular energy customers now.

Why didn't we sign ZoloWear up right away? Austin Energy only has a certain number of slots each year, because the infrastructure has to be expanded (wind turbines built, for example) before they can add more Green Choice customers. Once the slots are taken, customers have to wait a year before getting in line again. If you live in Austin, there are still slots for this year, so sign up while you can!

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