Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ZoloWear's Next Top Model

ZoloWear is seeking models for baby slings. We are looking for attractive, hip-looking parents with happy babies under one year of age. Please send photos to photos@zolowear.com.

Please send head shots of mom or dad, not just baby. Sling and modeling experience helpful but not required.

For more information, see http://zolowear.com/.

Location is in Austin, off Ben White between S. 1st and Congress. Please send photos to photos@zolowear.com.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Job opening at ZoloWear

ZoloWear Baby Carriers, a leader in the baby wearing industry, is seeking an independent sales representative in the DC area.

Sales Representatives open new wholesale accounts, ranging from maternity and children's boutiques to lactation centers in hospitals. All orders are shipped from our office in Austin, TX. Reps do not sell to individuals.

Payment is commission plus cash bonuses for new accounts (signing bonuses). We have ongoing monthly sales contest with iPod prizes and much more.

Travel is encouraged. Local travel and cold calls are a must. Must be internet savvy with high-speed internet. Fax machines are helpful but not necessary. Sales experience is preferred. Sling experience is very helpful but not required.

Professional sales reps with other lines encouraged to apply. This is also an excellent job for a stay-at-home parent looking for a part-time, work from home opportunity. You must be willing to dedicate at least 10 hours per week minimum.

Please contact us at wholesale@zolowear.com for more information. Please tell us about any sales experience and any baby carrier experience you might have. Please indicate your location in your cover letter.


The areas we are looking for are:
Chicago (for the whole state)
PA, NJ, and DE
DC area (Virginia, Maryland, and DC would be combined)

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Friday, April 18, 2008

nice comment

Did you know it is possible to nurse and bowl a strike at the same time? It’s true… Thanks to your sling. Baby #2 lived happily in my sling for the first 4 or 5 months…She’s actually 2 now (and still use it on occasion in the hip position). I just looked on your website hoping to find the instructional video. And I did. I was able to watch exactly what I needed to know. We are taking a train adventure tomorrow and rather than bring a stroller, I decided a ride on my back would be easier, fun and new. Honestly, I rave about you slings to anyone who will listen. I did a lot of research on slings and after meeting a mom at the park and talking to Sara from Natures Mother in Leucadia, CA, I chose Zolowear. We are trying for #3 and I honestly can’t wait… to upgrade to silk of course! Your company in fabulous! I will continue the ZoloGospel. - Melissa

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

fabric show

I have just returned from a fabric show. They are always so wonderful for inspiration! Lots of new ideas brewing today.


Monday, April 14, 2008

1,002 uses for slings

Here is use 1,002 for a sling: wrapping a cat to give it medicine, so it won't scratch you. You could use a towel, but if you're like me, a sling is usually closer at hand than a towel, which is how I found the inspiration for this alternate sling purpose.

Shown below: our kitten, Laptop, lounging post-meds in the hibiscus organic cotton sling. I did not wear Laptop like a baby while giving his medicine, but wrapped him in the sling when it was not on me. Then I put him in like a baby, and he was most content.

Most miniature dogs, for example those that are sometimes seen riding in purses, love to ride in the sling. Many kitties don't care for the sling, but some cuddly kitties, like Laptop, really like it. Others might tolerate it briefly. For example, if your new sling arrives in the mail and baby is asleep, and you just can't wait to try it out. (You know what I mean...) You will find out pretty quickly if your cat is the sling type or not.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring 2008 Prints

The spring prints have been named!
Coming soon:

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Dr. Maria Blois

ZoloWear is featured on the blog of babywearing expert and author Dr. Maria Blois:
Sometimes you have to wear a sling just because it is so breath-takingly pretty. Check out this stunning silk brocade sling from ZoloWear. It is so pretty my teeth hurt. ZoloWear slings are also some of the best made ring slings out there, comfortable shoulder, zip pocket, quality fabrics…the whole package.

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