Monday, April 14, 2008

1,002 uses for slings

Here is use 1,002 for a sling: wrapping a cat to give it medicine, so it won't scratch you. You could use a towel, but if you're like me, a sling is usually closer at hand than a towel, which is how I found the inspiration for this alternate sling purpose.

Shown below: our kitten, Laptop, lounging post-meds in the hibiscus organic cotton sling. I did not wear Laptop like a baby while giving his medicine, but wrapped him in the sling when it was not on me. Then I put him in like a baby, and he was most content.

Most miniature dogs, for example those that are sometimes seen riding in purses, love to ride in the sling. Many kitties don't care for the sling, but some cuddly kitties, like Laptop, really like it. Others might tolerate it briefly. For example, if your new sling arrives in the mail and baby is asleep, and you just can't wait to try it out. (You know what I mean...) You will find out pretty quickly if your cat is the sling type or not.

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