Friday, April 18, 2008

nice comment

Did you know it is possible to nurse and bowl a strike at the same time? It’s true… Thanks to your sling. Baby #2 lived happily in my sling for the first 4 or 5 months…She’s actually 2 now (and still use it on occasion in the hip position). I just looked on your website hoping to find the instructional video. And I did. I was able to watch exactly what I needed to know. We are taking a train adventure tomorrow and rather than bring a stroller, I decided a ride on my back would be easier, fun and new. Honestly, I rave about you slings to anyone who will listen. I did a lot of research on slings and after meeting a mom at the park and talking to Sara from Natures Mother in Leucadia, CA, I chose Zolowear. We are trying for #3 and I honestly can’t wait… to upgrade to silk of course! Your company in fabulous! I will continue the ZoloGospel. - Melissa

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